When contracting any service of lodging Web or to acquire a domain with Io2z (Premium Hosting Solutions SpA), you, the company to which belongs or represents accepts all the contained points here without repairs.


Io2z provides with different services of lodging Web, between which it is the Shared Hosting, Semi Dedicado, Reseller Hosting, VPS (Servidor Privado Virtual), Dedicated Servant, thus also the sale of domains of certain completions and certificates SSL. In the site of Io2z you would find the typical of each service as well as its price in the currencies of Chilean Pesos (CLP) and American Dollars (USD). Io2z would strive to have always the up-to-date typical and prices, being able to exist discrepancy with the present typical or prices.

Terms on watch (TDS)

All the terms of our services explained and detailed in the next paragraphs can be fixed, corrected or updated by Io2z to their single discresion and without necedidad of warning ahead of time.

Payments (Services of Hosting and Dominios)

PremiumHosting offers the following methods of payment for anyone of its services: Paypal (It includes credit cards), I deposit and transference (Only for Chile) and Wester Union.
All the collections are generated with at least 7 days of anticipation, reminders before and after the date of victory. It is whole obligation of the client to maintain his services phelp to the day, otherwise it can have lost partisan or total of his lodged content, without Io2z has responsibility some for that reason.
All the Services of Shared Hosting, Semi-Dedicate and Reseller, count on periods of grace that allow to pay their service him with up to 14 days of delay (subsequent to that, its service sera suspended and can completely be eliminated, without later warning).
All the Services of Dedicated VPS (Servidor Privado Virtual) and Servers, must at the most be cancelled at the beginning of the day of victory, otherwise their Service sera cancelled and all the information sera immediately erased so that the space can again be offered on sale. The lack or delay of payment would doubtlessly cause the lost one of all their information, as much archives, websites and post office.
All the Domains and Certificates SSL must be renewed maximum at the beginning of the day of victory, otherwise maximum of the same value of renovation can (1) be applied to a quota of delay with a value or (2) of denying the renovation to single discresion of Io2z.

Io2z offers guarantee of return of its payment by services of shared Hosting, Semi Dedicados or Reseller, for 30 days. If by some reason not this satisfied with the service, can ask for the restoration of the money, without questions. The Services of VPS, Dedicated Servers, Domains, Certificates SSL and others, do not count on any guarantee of return.

Cancellation and I finish advance

The service of Hosting can at any time be cancelled. If the cancellation is asked for by the client, outside the period of guarantee of 14 days (if it applies), not emitira reimbursement nor credit. If the cancellation or I finish advance it is on the part of Io2z by violation of the TDS, does not apply to no reimbursement nor credit by the remaining period. Finally, if a service is not renewed in time, this sera cancelled without possibility of requesting a reimbursement or data retrieval.

Abuse of Servant and Has supported PremiumHosting

Any attempt drop from the rolls in the performance of the Servant in whom you are of Io2z this strictly prohibited.

Io2z would react with force before any attempt of fraud, any mail would not arrive to you from us asking for your key or asking that you change it, unless your you have solicitd that we personally make a change in your account.

IMPORTANT - Io2z has the right to discontinue the service or to deny the access to that violates our policies and terms on watch, without necessarily giving to a previous warning or mail. Not hara no type of reimbursement to those who its account by violation to our terms is cancelled to them. This includes to talk about with insults to the equipment of PremiumHosting, rudeness by email, whatsapp, facebook or threats, would mean the completion immediate and irrevocable of their service without right to reimbursement.

Podras not to run IRC, bots or clients in Hosting Shared Web. Unacceptable uses also include but they do not estan limited a: Massive mail, mail asked for, noncontained to ilegar, to infringe rights of author, name brand, sites warez (including links to or from), cracks, serial for programs payment, proxys, scripts of farmeo of links, all this and but that Io2z can consider as unacceptable use of the services without counting the excessive use of resources.

Applications Web and scripts Web that esten out of date and is of general knowledge the danger and risk that they own seran immediately eliminated. Also if they own content of illegal activities or pornographic material.

Use of Space in Disc

Io2z provides with plans limited as far as space in each plan, but unlike many companies, you can use all the contracted resources, without you limit hidden. If in some plan speech of Limitless Space, is considered in 10 sites of low weight, with cleaning of monthly mail to avoid overuse.

Use of Transference

All the plans own limits of monthly transference, which if it is surpassed the account can be suspended until the beginning of the next period or upgradees to a plan with majors resources. If you exceed limits of use, your eligible account sera not to provide a reimbursement in the first 14 days. If at some time ofrecio limitless plans, limits is considering by Io2z that assures hundreds visitors in a ten of sites of low weight.

AUP or PRONG (Political of Acceptable Use)

Clients accept to make use of our services under our Policy of acceptable use. Which can at any time be modified.

Information of Client

The client represents and guarantees to Io2z that the information given as: name, direction, mail, telephone, etc, are real and mantendra updated.


Io2z is not a Recorder. We are a remarketer of domains .COM, .NET and .CL. The main benefit to contract Domains with us, is that we will be in charge of the configuration, redirections and DNS whenever it is necessary to change the details.

Guaranteed Uptime of 99.9% Certificate!

((1.) Cover - This Guarantee of MONTHLY 99.9% applies to all our clients with a financial situation to the day with Io2z, and without losses brought about by its own script/site, having respected always our TDS and AUP.

The Staff of Io2z monitors the Uptime of the Servers, and we even own a contracted service of HetrixTools that provides with the Uptime of our Servers

- 99.89% to 99%: Its account obtendra a credit by 10% of the total value for the next period (Monthly/Semester/Annual).
- 98.99% to 98%: Its account obtendra a credit by 20% of the total value for the next period (Monthly/Semester/Annual) or 1 Month free, to its preference.
- 97,99% or -: Its account obtendra a credit by 30% of the total value for the next period (Monthly/Semester/Annual) or 2 Months free, to its preference.

Your Company's administrators will determines the end of the downtime by to traceroute to YOUR machine from outside the Your Company network.

- 99.89% to 99%: Its account obtendra a credit by 10% of the total value for the next period (Monthly/Semester/Annual).
- 98.99% to 98%: Its account obtendra a credit by 20% of the total value for the next period (Monthly/Semester/Annual).
- 97,99% or -: Its account obtendra a credit by 30% of the total value for the next period (Monthly/Semester/Annual).

- 95% to 99,9% - YOUR account will sees credited 10% of your monthly hosting fee
- 90% to 94,9% - YOUR account will sees credited 20% of your monthly hosting fee
- 89,9% or below - YOUR account will sees credited 50% of your monthly hosting fee (3b.)

The following would not be considered as reasons for Downtime:

- The inadequate behavior of its applications in its site
- All circumstance outside the reach of Io2z, including but not limiting itself acts of the Government of Chile, the Government of the United States, Sabotage, Fire, Floods, solar Acts of the nature as Earthquakes or storms.
- That your you infringe our Terms on watch or our Policy of Acceptable Use.


Io2z is the company of Hosting in Chile with the Support of greater quality, with ready technicians to help you with all knowledge. Even though our support does not include applications of third parties and external configurations, depending expertise on the technician, you ofrecera advising and monitoring.

Unlike many companies of Hosting, we deliver our better attack in helping him to our clients with his Scripts, templates and programming languages. But in no case the technicians, nor the Executives of Account estan forced to help in the installation of applications, units, templates, etc.


Services of Hosting (It includes Shared Hosting, Semi Dedicados, Resellers and clients of Resellers):

PremiumHoting.cl would realise daily endorsements of all own servers of hosting, maintaining last the 7 days of endorsements of each account of its clients. These endorsements are realised with Software R1Soft de Idera, having realised daily endorsements to external Servers. These endorsements estan in emergency thought for cases and no case a client must trust of our endorsements, these can or not be available.

She is of whole and exclusive responsibility of the client to realise his own Endorsements/Backups and to unload them to his personal computer or to raise them a lodging of archives (it is not recommended to maintain them in his own account of hosting)

Services of Dedicated VPS and Servers:

Io2z would not realise any class of endorsement of the information of its clients of these services, is of whole, unique and exclusive responsibility of each client to maintain its own endorsement in its personal computer or in another system of lodging of archives. Nevertheless Io2z if it offers external services of endorsement, which must be contracted separate and is exclusively for machines working with Cpanel.

Effective legislation and legal Responsibility

All our services without exception as far as the type or location are contracted accepting who the client is the unique person in charge before the effective law of the United States, Chile and Bulgaria, being these legislations that affect to Premium Hosting as company. The client cepta to cooperate and that Premium Hosting cooperated with the law of the 3 countries in case of having a denunciation or investigation that includes to a client of Premium Hosting and the content in some of our Servers, leaving to Premium free and exempted of any type of fault or responsibility, to the being a supplier of a space in supervise Internet and not Hosting or vigilant one. However, Premium Hosting reserves the right to investigate or to review the account of a client before any report, denounces or indication that this being violated some policy of our terms on watch or policy of acceptable use.

The client accepts that before any legal procedure, she is the unique person in charge by his information, images, archives, and contained transmitted.