Official notice from Io2z

It is an affability to inform that PREMIUMHOSTING (PREMIUM HOSTING SOLUTIONS SPA) has become the first company from Chilean Hosting (and in All Latin America) in being an Official Partner of LiteSpeed.

  • PremiumHosting is a company of Chilean lodging Web, that offers its services to Chile and all the countries of Hispanic speech from year 2011. To today, it has almost 1,800 clients.
  • LiteSpeed Technologies is the developers of LiteSpeed Web server, which power each and every one of the Servers used in Premium Hosting.

PremiumHosting with LiteSpeed means faster sites

The Servers with LiteSpeed handle the connections more efficiently fastest and, which improves the speed of the static content and the applications Web. This means that applications as Magento, PrestaShop and Wordpress will walk fast much more in Servers with LiteSpeed under high traffic.

PremiumHosting with LiteSpeed means more stable sites

The Servers with LiteSpeed use the power more efficiently CPU and the Ram memory, which help to avoid that a neighbor causes problems in your site. LiteSpeed is supr safe thanks to its unique typical, protection Anti Two, and CLoudLinux compatibility, that added to expertise of PremiumHosting and its unique optimizations they give to place Servers who never will walk slow.

PremiumHosting with LiteSpeed always means to be to the vanguard

LiteSpeed is totally compatible with the directives of Apache (.htaccess)
It owns his own system of Cache available for you (ls Break)
It uses HTTP/2, quick protocol HTTP but.
This in constant improvement!

That means that PremiumHosting is a Partner Official Gold of LiteSpeed?

It means that Premium Hosting, as formal and real company, has obtained an alliance with LiteSpeed as far as optimizations and high-priority support, and thus to be able to give to all clients a Service of quality, allowing to have very high traffics without worrying so that the site falls by load PHP. This also is convened with the recent investment of PremiumHosting that surpasses the $7,800 dollars in LiteSpeed Technologies and their services LiteSpeed and ls Break.

In addition, it allows us to offer LiteSpeed licenses to a price inferior.

“You can look for all the Partner LiteSpeed in This Link. to today 08 of Julio, PremiumHosting stays as the only Supplier of Hosting in all Latin America in being an Official Partner, nevertheless we hoped and we invited to the other suppliers to be united to the Program of LiteSpeed and so more sites can undergo the speed and security that we give our clients”

Source of the Announcement in the Site of PremiumHostingLink

Saturday, July 8, 2017