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Plans of Hosting (Compartido and Reseller)
All the services in Io2z are of the top of line in the technology and implemented infrastructure
For that reason, on a daily basis new clients arrive originating from other companies
Hosting plans Companies in the USA https://www.io2z.com/web-hosting-ssd.php
Off-shore Hosting plans in Holland and Bulgaria https://www.io2z.com/web-hosting-warez.php

Economic Hosting plans in the USA https://www.io2z.com/web-hosting-ec.php
  • Premium Reseller SSD in the USA
  • https://www.io2z.com/reseller-hosting.php
Disk based: 100% SSD.

Benefits and differences of a common Hosting:

Support: Our support, is not 24/7, nor we publicize it, nevertheless, if we provide support the 7 days of the week including festive week end and.