We are moved to announce that the stable version of PHP 7 is now available in our Servers of shared Hosting and Off-shore Reseller in the USA and. PHP 7 is a greater evolution as far as performance improvements talks about, comparing the one that versions PHP 5.X. In addition to the improvements in the performance, there are many significant changes, functions eliminated and new functions. Even that in our test facilities of standard Wordpress does not have any problem, perhaps many plugins, subjects, scripts, custom PHP, code of your own site, are not compatible still.

* Important: Without mattering that PHP 7, already is considered Stable, this does not mean that your site is 100% compatible one. Without a doubt if you are addict at the speed, you need major performance or your traffic has increased considerably, we invited to you to prove PHP 7, always having the option to return to the Native version of PHP of our servers (In the oldest Servers he is the 5,4 and newest he is the 5,5).

That benefit I obtain if beginning to use PHP 7?

  • The greater advantage of PHP 7, is that he is much more fast that any other version, inclusively comes with “opcode breaks” by defect, which is one of the reasons of its great improvement of performance.

As I can activate PHP 7 in my plan of Hosting with Io2z?

  • You must accede to your Cpanel, and look for the function “To select to Version PHP” or “Select PHP Version”. There will be a pull-down menu to change your version PHP between versions 5,3 until the 7.
  • If active 7 version PHP or another version, we recommended that same section it enters “To change to Configuration PHP” or “Change to PHP Configuration” and you change the following values to your necessity:

max_execution_time: (30-60 seconds recommended)
max_input_time: (30-90 seconds recommended)
memory_limit: (128M recommended)
post_max_size: (128M recommended)
upload_max_filesize: (128M recommended)

  • It remembers to keep the changes.

I can wait for some problem?

If, this it is a great change of PHP, and can bring about some error or fault of functionality somewhere of your site, the good news, is that if happens, you must return to your Cpanel and only change to the native version of the servant and the error will disappear.

If or you have proven PHP 7, or you think to prove it in some of your sites, you do not doubt in commenting your experience to us!

Tuesday, January 12, 2016