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For a long time, great part of our already more than 1,200 active clients has asked to increase our diversity to us of payment means.

Little by little we are listening to them and we have wanted to begin by Chile, our native Country, in a moment to expand means of payment in Peru, Argentina and Mexico (probably in that order).

From today 21 of November of the 2016, our system that only counted on 1

°Paypal and 2

°I deposit/Transference, now also will count on all the means of payment accepted by Flow.

The new implemented system allows us to receive payments by WebPay, ServiPag and Multicaja. And not only that, if not that the confirmation of the immediate payment allows us, as well as the activation of the service in thing of minutes, without intervention manual.

We detail new accepted means of payment in Chile:


°WebPay Extra: Debit and banking credit cards: Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Diners, Magna and RedCompra (Depending means on payment, it is possible to be phelp in quotas)

  1. 2
  2. °ServiPag: Cards of commercial houses CMR, Cencosud and Ripley. In addition to the National Banks.
  3. 3
  4. °Multicaja: Payment in cash with coupon of payment in thousand of commerces adhered to Multicaja throughout the country. In order to pay you generate from our page the payment coupon and soon you approach a commerce adhered to Multica to pay it in cash.
  5. Main benefits of new means of payment:

If payments a new service or domain, this is activated immediately, without delays.
You do not need to notify your payment, nor to send a mail to us so that we activate the service.

Facilities of payment, with the greater variety of Banks and options available.

If payments an payable or suspended service, is reactivated as soon as you realise the payment.

You can choose if you are Particular, or if you need Invoice for your company (choosing means of correct payment)