In PremiumHosting, we have 3 Ranges of Services of Hosting.

Premium Hosting (Services of lodging of high performance)
Hosting EC (economic Services of lodging, with greater space)
Off-shore Hosting (Services of lodging for sites warez)

Today we have the news and information to them of the plans of Hosting EC.

Until today, plans EC were created in our Servers Premium (Lightning and Dragon) and in our Servers EC (New Eco 1 and New Eco 2). From now on, more accounts in Servers EC will not be created, and we will only use our Servers Premium (and soon there will be a third Premium Servant).

This desición was taken, so that the Servers Premium are in positions privileged in the United States, with DDoS protection including. And Servers EC in Canada, even being very powerful, do not count on DDoS protection, and we think that nowadays this protection is essential for all our clients.

Reason why the new clients will be created in the Lightning Servers and Dragon (and soon in the new one), Thus also our present clients in Servers EC, can ask to migrate their account to these servers. This is something that will be completely optional by several months, but we have planned to leave the Datacenter de Canada before half-full of year.

If you have any consultation, you do not doubt in contacting to the Support via ticket.

Sunday, January 24, 2016