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That is Cpanel?

In Io2z - the Service of reliable and safe Hosting of Chile and Latin America we counted on the Cpanel technology.

The following Services own the Control Panel Cpanel, Leader in the Industry:

Services of Hosting EC
Services of Premium Hosting
Services of Hosting Semi Dedicado
Services of Hosting Reseller
  • What is Cpanel?
  • Cpanel is the Control Panel leader in the industry, which you will have access in our services to have a total and absolute control of your service with us.
Where I obtain the access to the Cpanel?

You can do from basic things as creating Data base, post-office boxes MySQL, adding Additional Domains, to more complicated things as to realise MySQL consultations, to modify archives, or to create cronjobs (automatic tasks).

That has Cpanel better than another panels of my previous suppliers as VestaCP or ISPConfig?

Cpanel is the used Control Panel more and more expensive, this by its great capacity and fan of possibilities but especially by its Security, in the past have been great breaches of security with very economic or gratuitous panels, for that reason we only offer the best thing and more surely, Cpanel.


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