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That is Brotli?

In Io2z - the Service of reliable and safe Hosting of Chile and Latin America we counted on the Brotli technology.

The following Services own activated Brotli:

Services of Hosting EC

Services of Premium Hosting
Services of Hosting Semi Dedicado
Services of Hosting Reseller
What is Brotli?
  • Brotli, is a new algorithm of compression of the static content created by Google. It was created recently and it is added to the technologies that PremiumHosting has for you.
  • In all the content that is possible to use compatible Brotli and navigators, it will be used automatically. Of being compatible, the common Gzip will not be used (if you have the acivada compression).
What I must make to obtain the benefits of Brotli?

Following how your site is created, amount of resources and weight of this, it can have until a 20% major of compression in the static resources. In tests that we realised in sites not very heavy we obtained that sites Wordpress with enough load and weight between 2 and 3 Megabyte, would lower between 150 and 200KB of gross weight.

Won't This cause to any problem site?

Luckily no. If you do not use compression, Brotli will not be active in your site, and if you use compression and the visitor does not support Brotli, this it will not be used.


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