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That is AutoSSL?

In Io2z - the Service of reliable and safe Hosting of Chile and Latin America we counted on the AutoSSL technology.

The following Services own activated AutoSSL:

Services of Hosting EC

Services of Premium Hosting

Services of Hosting Semi Dedicado

Services of Hosting Reseller

What is AutoSSL?

AutoSSL is a technology that allows us to grant to all our clients Certificates SSL signed by COMODO, without cost for the client and autorenovables every 90 days.

That is to say, we granted Certificates SSL, to all the Domains of our clients (and clients of our Resellers) without cost, court favorites, and who allow to show the Green Padlock of “Is Safe”.

What I must make to receive one of those Certificates SSL?
If you are a new client and your domain already is aiming at our Servers, Certificate SSL will settle automatically, nevertheless that installation and Certificate emission, can delay up to 24 hours.
And if I need it urgent, or more soon?
If your domain either has our DNS formed or or aims at our Servers, you can open a Ticket of Support, and we can accelerate the emission of the Certificate, thus once received your request, will be only 2-3 hours of delay.
  • As they provide a Certificate to me SSL without cost if in other parts they receive me between 15 and 100 dollars to the year?
  • That is so that in PremiumHosting we did not receive to you by gratuitous technology, the Certificate is gratuitous for you, and thus it will be in all domains.
And equal of it is worth that one of payment?

So that is only a way to remove money to the clients, and to be able to remove something of vacated gain to the IP's that is had by Servant, dedicated Certificates SSL do not require IP's from year 2012.

Ok, I understand, then with the emission of Certificate SSL will my site already have the green padlock?

, It remembers not immediately that a thing is to have a Certificate SSL, and another one is to form the site so that it works by HTTPS and to have all the resources by HTTPS. Having both things (Certificate + Site working with HTTPS) it will give the green padlock you that will give to confidence to your visitors and clients.


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