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  • That differentiates a type from Hosting of another one?
  • In Io2z we offer 4 different Services, in 2 leases.
  • First That location serves to me?

For all the Legal content, always the best option is the United States, gives to a connectivity superior generally. If you look for trustworthiness and principle performance this is your option.
  • If you think to use your site for Warez contents, or contained for adults, you must choose “an Off-shore” lease, that means, outside the United States. In this case, we own Servers in Holland with this purpose.
Now What will be the purpose?

VPS SSD: A VPS SSD, is as a Reseller (in the sense which you can have whichever Cpanel accounts you wish), but with resources dedicated for you and your pages, in Space, Transference, CPU and ram. This option is advisable when you require things “nonstandard”, certain version of Apache, special PHP, units, or you wish to go a step in performance further on.

We imagine that each Servant of Io2z is a Hotel.

Hosting SSD: In each floor of this Hotel there will be 10 neighbors who will share their resources (Light, Water, Gas).

Reseller SSD: In each floor of this Hotel there will be 2 neighbors (who can have many children each) that will share his resources (Light, Water, Gas).

VPS SSD: In each floor there will be 1 only neighboring one, reason why you have a specific and guaranteed availability of Water Pressure, voltage and Gas.

Dedicated SSD: A well-healed neighbor bought the Hotel, so that it did not like the noise of the neighbors, but now he must pay the 3 accounts of Light, Water and Gas, by itself.

We hope that this small summary helps to our clients and the public generally to understand a little plus the concepts of the industry.

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