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Do Whichever users online support a plan of Hosting?
  • This is one of the most frequent questions of people and companies that walk looking for a supplier of Hosting.
How many do people Online support one of their plans of Hosting?

Which are the controlable factors?


°State of the Servant: If a servant is sobresold or collapsed no of his clients he can have many visits at the same time, this usually passes much with other suppliers, nevertheless, one of our majors priorities is never to sobresell a Servant, guaranteeing that ALWAYS there is space, transference, CPU and RAM available for you and your needs.


°Resources that are had: When contracting a plan of Hosting usually has a super access limited the most important resources (CPU, RAM, Scripture/Reading, MySQL and Procesos) and usually receives warnings and until threats by excess of consumption of resources. In PremiumHosting it is different, since we used CloudLinux an Operating system based on CentOS that allows us to grant access of the mentioned resources and thus to guarantee always the availability of these for you and your sites. In addition we are the first supplier that is 100% transparency and shows all the you limit that they exist in its website. Under this topical, according to the plan, amount of resources guaranteed that you will have.

°What your visits do: Even for owners of blogs are difficult to know each action that realises visitor in his site, with the help of Analytics you can to have good idea, but within this topical idea enters of diversity and versatility of your visitors, since it is not the same 10 visits that enter an entrance of a blog to read it and 3 minutes in reading it are taken, to 10 visits that enter a blog, sail by the categories, unload some images which it liked, see videos, subscribe to feed, fill surveys and more actions than can realise in a same visit.