Coupon: “MHWGRATIS” (without the quotation marks”).

Stock of Coupons: 50

Value the Coupon: 3 Dollars (value of the Basic Plan by Monthly cycle).

Accepted plan: BASIC PLAN*.

*Espacio in Disc: 1GB

Monthly transference: 10GB

Accounts FTP: Limitless

Accounts E-mail: Limitless

Data bases: Limitless

Sub Domains: Limitless

Uptime: 99.9%

Scripts: 52 Scripts To install 1 Click just by.

Statistics: AWstats, WebAlizer, and much more.

Programming languages: Cgi, Fast cgi, PHP 5, Ruby on Rails, Perl, Python, SSI.

Scripts Recognized To install: Joomla, Worpdress, Wiki, Magento, SMF and more.

Speed: 100 MBp/s International (Datacenter in the USA)


If the previous coupon finishes (so that it is LIMITED quotas), we have a second coupon that can interest to you! that it will give a 50% you OF DISCOUNT of the Plan that you choose, by the Period that you choose!

Coupon: “50DESC” (without the quotation marks”).

Stock of Coupons: 100

Value of the Coupon: 1.5 Dollars - 46 Dollars (Minimum and maximum according to Plan and Period)

Accepted plan: [url= "”] All the Plans [/url]


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Attention(or attn). José Dieguez

[email protected]


Friday, September 16, 2011