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(2)Guarantees of Hosting SSD (the USA)
Io2z offers diverse guarantees for its services. 
You will see them here lists

°Guarantee of resources 
It applies a: Shared Hosting, Reseller and VPS. Complete description:
Io2z guarantees to each of its clients who in anyone of the Servers, their resources, are these, Disc Space, or Monthly Transference will be guaranteed. This means, that no Servant will be sobresold. 

°Guarantee of Uptime 99.9%:
It applies a: Shared Hosting, Reseller and VPS.
Complete description: Io2z guarantees a Uptime for all Services, excepting situations in which control is not had, as for example, that you same boat its site, that you have been blocked by firewall, attacks DDOS, phenomena of the nature or acts of the government of the United States or Chile. 3

°Guarantee of Endorsements:
It applies a:
Shared Hosting and Reseller (For VPS, it separately has to be contracted) 

Complete description:
Io2z remembers to you that you must maintain your own endorsements, although we will maintain daily endorsements of each account of Hosting in our Servers, this does not mean that you can trust our endorsements as your only solution of endorsements (Shared Hosting: last 14 days, Hosting Reseller: last 14 days)
4 °Guarantee of Support:

It applies a:
Shared Hosting and Reseller
  • .
Complete description:

°Guarantee of Support VPS 1:

It applies a: Hosting VPS.

Complete description:

Io2z will offer basic Support for its VPS, including an pre-optimization and securing of the Servant, as also requests with low priority.