Io2z this very in front of the national competition as far as Hosting Web talks about. From the 2011, there are provided of the best Servers and but the high benefits to our clients. On a daily basis we received clients who come from other companies of Hosting in Chile complaining about the slowness of their sites, lost of post office or the data, and of which their sites pass offline. With Io2z that is history!

Pure Unico Hosting SSD 100% in Chile

As famous company of Hosting in Chile, Io2z is the first company in restoring the Hosting Web SSD and VPS SSD, granting a performance and fluidity never before seen.

99,9% Guaranteed Uptime!

We offer a Guaranteed Uptime of 99.9% in all our plans of shared Hosting. You can be sure that your site, this in good hands.

Space in Disco and Banda Ancha

Many companies promise to certain amounts of Space or monthly Transference, but they do not fulfill it! , in Io2z you obtain what contracts!

30 Dias de Garantia - Without Questions!

In all our plans of shared Hosting we offer a complete guarantee by 30 days, it only sends a ticket, and we will do a complete return to you!

New concept of Support!

In addition to offering Support via Chat Online, Ticket, Mail, Facebook and WhatsApp, Io2z it has restored a new concept of customized Support, so that never estes only!

Plans for all type of clients!

We have the perfect plan for you, you are to blogger with tens of visitors or a company with thousands of daily visits, furthermore by means of contact we can formulate a plan to your measurement!

cPanel - Control Panel Leader in the Industry

Io2z with Cpanel in all the plans of Hosting Web, is the simple and complete panel but with options to handle your archives, redirections, post office, data bases and but!

Io2z, without mentions in

When one looks for Hosting for its website, not only it must read the good reputation of the company, but also the bad one, and when looking for Hosting in you would find many companies of reputation in Chile, but Io2z this in the white List!