Dated 18 of September, we announced the changes of values in the following completions of domains:


$6,990 .COM BEFORE/U$10.49 USD || NOW $6,990/U$ 9.99 USD

*Revendedores: $6.790/U$9.69 USD (Who esten registered as Salesmen with but of 10 plans of active Hosting)


$8,490 .ORG BEFORE/U$12.99 USD || NOW $8,290/U$12.49 USD


.SPACE ==> NEW VALUE $7,490/U$10.99 USD 


.PW ==> NEW VALUE $7,490/U$10.99 USD 


.XYZ finished Promotion, present value $6,990/U$10.49 USD


.INFO NEW VALUE $9,490/U$ 13.99 USD


$5,990 .TOP BEFORE BEFORE/U$8.99 || NOW $5,490/U$7.99 usd


.DOWNLOAD => NEW VALUE $8,490/U$12.49 USD


$6,590 .US BEFORE/U$9.99 || NOW $6,190/U$8.99 USD


Tuesday, September 18, 2018