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Warning by shipment of Spam
I have received a warning by shipment of Spam from the support of PremiumHosting via mail.
That means?

That you, somebody with access to the post office of your account, or an infected file or script sends mail Spam (trash).
So that this happens?

Usually it happens to use plugins, programs or subjects nulled (pirates, illegal) or to maintain your programs (Wordpress, Jomlaa, etc) out of date. Also it can be due to that your key of Cpanel, E-mail or the administrator of your site (wp-admin for example) has been it jeopardize. We recommend to change it immediately.
In which it harms to me?

  • If it is the first time that is sent to you, it is only a warning, usually it will go accompanied of scan complete of your site (that does not free to review you yourself your archives to you) and to take action to solve it. Also a restriction is applied that avoids the exaggerated shipment of Spam and also it can affect your normal and legitimate mail.
What I must do?

If it is the first time that is sent the warning, and you responded to the mail, you can ask for a unique cleaning by our part. This because an executive will take until hours reviewing your archives and cleaning the malicious code.

If you ignored the mail of the warning of Spam, and the problem persists, your domain (if we managed to identify it) will be blocked, otherwise, your whole account will be suspended.

In order to clear the suspension and/or to ask for one second cleaning, you will have to cancel the value of 10 dollars or 5,000 pesos Chilean so that again an executive reviews all your account.

What happens if nonvolume no action and I ignore his warning?

If the problem of the Spam pauses, it does not pass anything. But it returns to happen, and you did not respond to the previous warning, your account will be suspended immediately.

How become infected could a site that I am not using, or that takes to 1 year with theme nulled without problems?