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  2. °To form your movable device Android and IPhone
  3. Now that officially you have your mail working with Gmail, probably you want to make it work with your movable device. First we will see as it is formed in an Android Device, and soon in a Device that uses iOS (Iphone).
  5. On the telephone, Home beats and, next, it opens to the application E-mail or Mail.
  6. In the page “Your accounts” or “Adjustments”, it selects Following or To add Account to begin the configuration.
  • It selects the option of “Another” or “Another type” of account. Stuffed your mail in the [email protected] format and your password. Now you must select “to Configuration “Following” Manual” or if it were not the first option.
If it gives you to choose, it selects option “IMAP” or “IMAP4”.

In the following screen, you can assign a pseudonym to the account and to choose the name that will appear in the messages that you send: Referential image 3.

Already you have finished! You can verify the configuration from the view of “Received” touching to Menu Configuration of the account.

Incoming configuration - Servant IMAP: imap.gmail.com - Port: 993 - Type of security: SSL (always)

He opens to the application Adjustments on your telephone.

He enters “Mail, Contacts, Calendar”, soon “To add Account

Gmail headress (Since you use Google Apps).

It introduces the data of your account, remembering that Usuary is your complete direction [email protected].

Following and to keep.