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    • °To form Mail in Thunderbird/Outlook/Windows Mail
  • It opens to Outlook or Windows Mail.
    • Beam click in the menu Tools and selects to Accounts or Accounts of e-mail.
    • Beam click in Adding.
    • Stuffed your Name, Email address and Password.
    • It selects the last option “To manually form the options of the Servant”
    • To choose the first option “E-mail of Internet (POP/IMAP)”.
  1. Stuffed and it verifies the configuration (IMAP):
  2. Complete name or Its name: [your name]
  3. Name of account or Name of user: If you are usuary of Google Apps, [email protected] writes
  4. Email address: If you are usuary of Google Apps, [email protected] writes.
  5. Password: your password of the Mail.
  6. Servant of incoming mail (IMAP) - SSL requires
  7. imap.gmail.com
  • Port: 993
It requires SSL: Yes

Port: 587

It requires TLS: Yes

It requires authentication: Yes

To use the same configuration that my servant of entrance mail:

He remembers to verify in “More Configurations” the eyelashes of “Servant of Exit” and “Outposts”.

In order to synchronize the Calendar in Outlook you will have to unload the following thing and to install it: https://tools.google.com/dlpage/gappssync

* If it appears some error when installing it, it must reinitiate the Computer, and return to execute the installation.

After the Installation it will ask to you to enter the mail: [email protected]

You will have to authorize all the leave that will appear to you.

Once he is all ready one, you can return to open the application of Outlook. This time, will return to synchronize all the post office and folders again, which can take more than some minutes following tamañao and amount from post office that you have.