Official notice from the Staff of PremiumHosting

Today adquisicón of the Company of Lodging Web and sale of HostinGamer Domains has been realised on the part of Premium Hosting Solutions SpA. This means that all the present clients of Services of lodging Web and lodging Off-shore Web of HostinGamer, will be migrated Servers SSD of PremiumHosting, thus also its accounts to the area of clients of PremiumHosting, so that they can enjoy the high performance and good support that we tried to offer all our clients.

What means this acquisition?

That all the sites provided with accomodations by HostinGamer will be migrated 1 by 1 to the different Servers from PremiumHosting, obtaining the different Disc benefits SSD Enterprise in RAID, LiteSpeed Enterprise, CloudLinux, PHP Selector, CageFS, KernelCare, and much more!

And that all the clients of HostinGamer now will be able to accede to the exclusive area of clients of PremiumHosting and thus to accede to the customized support, as well as to be able to acquire new products.

How be realised will the migration?

Each client of HostinGamer will be contacted directly by email with the details for the accomplishment of this, that consists of transferring its Cpanel account, its account of Client and to change its DNS.

When be realised will the migration?

Between days 12 of January and 15 of January of this year (date and hour to decide with each client) day 08 will begin the migration, finalizing of March with the elimination of the site of HostinGamer.

I have phelp my service, I will have to pay again?

No, between the treatments done between PremiumHosting and HostinGamer, all the dates of renovations stay for all the clients.

For any person who has consultations on the process, or from already it wishes to migrate his service the sooner, it can contact to us sending a mail to [email protected]

Thursday, January 12, 2017