Premium Hosting Solutions SpA has announced an official alliance with CloudFlare, the solution of security and simpler performance of the market. As a Partner Certificate of CloudFlare, we will give to its solution of optimization and protection of complete and simple way through our Services to increase the speed of its sites and the protection before malicious visits.

When a website begins to work with CloudFlare, this faster load in the majority of cases of well-known form, is protected of many undesired threats online, visitors, and practically instantaneous propagation of DNS.

To begin to use CloudFlare is super simple! You only need to enter to the Cpanel of your service with us, and to look for the icon of “CloudFlare”. Just by 2 clicks, you can activate partial CloudFlare, which automatiacmente will make your quicker and safe site.

We are happy to bring this solution and improves totally FREE. There are contracts, nor no commitments. To activate and to deactivate 2 CloudFlare take clicks from your mouse, so we recommended to you to prove it, we are sure that many will find it a great improvement for their sites.

In order to learn more on CloudFlare, you can see the introductory video and read his blog Here Here. We are happy to offer this great services, to help all to our clients, webmasters, entrepreneurs, established companies and governmental departments.

With this we looked for to continue making of PremiumHosting the best Chilean Hosting, with more than 1,000 clients in Chile, Latin America and Spain.

PremiumHosting is a Hosting of Chile, with more than 5 years of experience in giving an economic service of hosting and high quality, being catalogued as a Hosting of high performance and a reliable Hosting when having Servers of Hosting LiteSpeed of incredible speed.

Sunday, October 23, 2016