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What is access MGP and IMAP?

If doubts between using MGP or IMAP, we recommended to you that you show preference for IMAP.

Unlike protocol MGP, IMAP two-way traffic offers a communication in between your account of mail and your e-mail client. This means that when you accede to Gmail through a navigating Web, the actions that you do in e-mail clients and in movable devices (for example, to move messages to the folder “work”) they will be reflected automatic and very instantaneously in Gmail (for example, already work” in that message will have been applied to the label “the next time that you accede to Gmail).

Protocol IMAP also provides a better method to accede to the e-mail from several devices. If consultations the e-mail at work, in the mobile phone and when arriving at house, protocol IMAP makes sure that you have access to the new messages from any device and at any moment.